Please read all instructions!

1. Each participant or their music director must be a member of the Wyoming Jazz Educators.  To become a member, click on membership information to the left.

2. Audition etude mp3 files may be uploaded at

(Bandworld link will be active starting Oct. 20, 2020)

You will need an email address, and an account with Bandworld to upload audition files.

3. The Audition deadline is Sunday December 1, 2020 by 12:00 midnight.

4. Be certain to upload mp3 files according to the instructions given for each track.  Once you upload files, listen to each one again to be sure that the correct file is uploaded.

5. You may only submit one all-state jazz audition (Multiple auditions are not allowed).

6. Do not have any extra material on the audition recording (No talking, revealing your school, director, or name).

7. All State Jazz Band Auditions are open to 9-12 grade students only who are members of your high school jazz ensembles or equivalent if none are available.

8. Directors need to be clear and follow directions on numbering and identifying audition tracks.  Be sure to check with the individual requirements to number and group tracks correctly.  Again, there should be NO TALKING at all on any tracks.