The 2024 Wyoming All-State jazz choir auditions are due by midnight on December 8th. Each audition must include three tracks.

Track 1 and 2 are identical to the 2024 NWACDA jazz choir auditions. The 3rd track is an excerpt from “Lover, Come Back to Me” that the WY All-State Jazz choir will perform in their set. Please use the appropriate minus track to record track 3. This is a link to all audition practice recordings, minus tracks and pdfs
mp3s pdfs minus tracks 2024 WJE auditions Selected students will be asked to provide part check recordings by January 22, 2024. The All State jazz choir will rehearse and perform at Kinser Jazz Festival in Casper Wyoming starting Feb 4th with the concert on February 6th. Feel free to contact with questions.

Track 1: Vocalise (unaccompanied) – sing the ascending and descending scales as written for your part (S1, S2, A1, A2, etc. ) Scales should be sung on “ah” as in “father”. Only the starting pitches may be given. Please follow the metronome markings and do not stop recording until both the ascending and descending scales are completed.